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Q. Who created StarterBizPlan?

A. StarterBizPlan is one of the first web-based business planning tools on the market. StarterBizPlan was designed and is wholly owned by Lodestar Technology Labs LLC, a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and dedicated to providing advanced technological solutions tailored to the unique software needs of small businesses. Our applications facilitate seamless collaboration between small business owners, their customers, their prospects and their employees by allowing the inputting and sharing of key information.

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Q. Since StarterBizPlan is web-based, which browsers are supported?

A. StarterBizPlan is compatible with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and Chrome. We recommend Firefox and Chrome.

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Q. How do I know my data is secure?

A. By hosting the technology on which your business depends to operate at optimal levels, we lower the chances that your local devices will be crippled by software viruses, worms and other potential hardware bugs. There are always hardware risks involved when navigating the Internet, and of course, running an online application requires a certain amount of responsibility on the part of our end user. But if access to your applications is managed correctly, security should never be an issue.

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Q. Why should I use StarterBizPlan?

A. StarterBizPlan will help you create and maintain a dynamic business plan to present to potential investors and lenders. Since a business plan should be updated as your business grows, you can now access and update your business plan anywhere, at anytime.

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Q. Can I print and save my business plan?

A. Yes, as you go through each section of the StarterBizPlan, your plan is automatically saved. And once you are finished, you are able to export your business plan into a PDF or Word document by looking for the icon displayed below, located at the bottom of any screen within StarterBizPlan. You are able to save your business plan to your computer through the exported documents.

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Q. Will the templates be specific to my business?

A. The templates offered cover a broad range of industries to help best fit your business.

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Q. How will I know when I’m finished with my Business Plan?

A. A business plan is dynamic, and should always be updated to stay current with your company’s milestones. However, you will have to come to a certain point where your financials are complete and your narrative supports your reasoning for the business. If you want to show your business plan to potential investors and lenders it is vital to have a complete business plan with projected financial statements and information that supports your assumptions.

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Q. Can I include graphs from my financials into the Narrative section of my business plan?

A. Yes. You are able to insert your financial information into your Narrative by using the Financial Charts/Graphs drop down feature located in your text editor. After inserting your financial graphs and ratios, you are able to explain your projected financials and

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